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ifitstuff GD12 12 Months Gold Donation to ifitstuffcom International
12 Months Gold Donation to
£60.00 *
£50.00 Ex. VAT
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Thank-you for thinking about supporting financially, the running and evolution of the website is very costly and we appreciate all the help that you can contribute (both financially and by contributing technical info).

Please note that you must already be logged into with your username and password in order for this donation to be automatically added to your account. If you are not logged into your forum account when you checkout then your donation will need to be added manually and this may take a little bit of time.

If you have trade status already then a Gold Donation or higher will also ensure that you can continue to access technical information, even if you do not contribute our minimum level of technical information.

The introduction of this concept of pay or post was introduced in May 2013 forum topic here. It has been in development mode since then, but now in 2017 will be enforced as it is officially released alongside our new bespoke industry tech info storage and search software. 

If you do not yet have trade status and require quick information to the technical information on then we suggest that you purchase a subscription here.

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