Ifitstuff Development|November 26, 2011 9:46 pm

The “Find an Engineer” search tools explained.

Find a local engineer search tool

We now have 2 new “Find an Engineer” search tools that you can use to find a sub contractor and they are here http://www.ifitstuff.com/vehicle_engineer_uk.php .

The top one is the retail search tool which is visible to anyone, you can type in the postcode of the job and then select the job type from the drop down menu. The results of engineers (home or office address) will be listed nearest 1st.

The bottom one is the trade search tool which is only visible to trade forum members who are logged into the Ifitstuff trade forum. You can select more options here, like vehicle type and more installation types. The results here are different, they are of installers / companies who are willing to travel to the postcode that you select regardless of where they live. There are 4 main categories here and the installers / companies in each category are listed with the most helpful forum members (by engineer points) 1st.

1) Primary – Engineers who will cover the entire postcode area for single installations or service calls.
2) Secondary – Engineers who will cover the entire postcode area for 2-3 installations.
3) Possibly – Engineers who might cover the area for a good days work or an extra cost.
4) National installation companies who cover the area.

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