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Steelmate D1 budget parking sensors – too cheap to fit? or too cheap not to fit?

Steelmate D1 Parking Sensor

At the MEN Expo show this year I was talking with Kevin Kay (Director of Steelmate UK) about parking sensors, he suggested that I could use his D1 parking sensor kit to offer a budget alternative to the Steelmate PTS400EX that I currently offer. Kevin suggested that I could use the savings on the price difference of the parts and take a small hit on my profit margin to offer a trade parking sensor option at £30+VAT less than my premium PTS400.

So what is the difference? Well the main difference is the sensor head, the PTS400EX sensor requires a 18.8mm hole in the bumper and the hole cutter is supplied. The D1 sensor requires a 20mm hole and the hole cutter in NOT supplier. The sensors on the D1 kit have a fixed 6 degree angle on them which is not changeable and so this does limit the vehicles that you can fit the D1 kit to. The PTS400EX kit comes with a 6 degree sensor too, but it has a clip on head which can be removed and 10 degree clip on heads are supplied in the kit for when additional angle is required (Steelmate also stock 13 degree clip on heads and a range of mounts for the PTS400EX kit).

I have personally avoided fitting any other brand than Steelmate since getting stung by 2 brands that failed on me back in 2005! Now with the D1 being Steelmate I knew that I could trust them but even so I had 3 boxes of the D1 kit in stock for the last 4 months as I just wasn’t sure if I was going to like the way they looked in the car? Last week I eventually fitted a set to a Hyundai I10 and I must say that I was pleasantly suprised, the sensors went in nicely, they worked fine and they looked good too! Actually it was just the same as fitting the PTS400EX really, a couple of small differences I noticed are that there is no 2 pin multi plug to detach the speaker from the power loom as it is fixed, which was better on this car anyway. The other thing is that the instructions are unbranded which is great for trade customers. All in all I would say that it is worth having a set in stock and giving them a go on the next car that has a non angled section of bumper between 50-70cm high off the ground and keep some PTS400EX kits and adapters in stock for the not so straight forward jobs.

Article by Jeff Scott – Ifitstuff LTD

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